I feel it in every cell of my body...

This I felt in every cell of my body: comes from a movie and at the beginning of Master theses of my BDSM mother:

ENJOY: and tell me if it resonates....

" Mein

Take me somewhere beautiful. Take me to where the eucalypt-scent softly anaesthetises me, where the ground is so steep that I start to lift out of myself, where the sea sings below us, soft and dangerous. […] A lover not a slave, I am ready to receive your marks. I give you my body with full consent. I am vulnerable and it is only you, my other, that gives me strength. I hang before you, a piece to play with, to make writhe and bleed and hurt. I'm giving this to you, letting you see the spaces I go to. What do you see? Do you like what you see?
You beat me like some pre-human criminal, dragging me back through my past, through our past, to a time and place where I had not yet been invented […] and when the blows rain on me too hard to hold, I swell and draw in and explode in cries of pain for your pleasure. […] There is a point where I start to lose sense of it all, a point where it starts to make sense. This is the point you are searching for, watching me patiently as I unravel […] The world around us has disappeared and we huddle together, breathing in each other's warmth, waiting for reality to fill these spaces you have made. Here, in this tiny space, we make the world infinite again.
The rivers of blood you have opened wash me clean. You have broken me, you will heal me. Holding me, your warmth, your strength, seeping into the cuts in my flesh: the point from which I start to rebuild. […] My life is punctuated by the marks you cut into me - as they will heal, I will grow. […] By destroying me, you bind me to this earth, to yourself. The more you destroy me the more I exist. Every limit shattered, every horizon expanded, every way you have shown me what I can endure. What we do changes me. It discards my past and lets me live again.

By Ivan, for Love Hard (Vanting & Harrington, 2014)"

Tell me dears... what went wrong here?

I am showing my beautiful whip

Sub: Only if it's not to hard.
Can you take of those nipple clamps already?
Me: [slap with the whip] Like that [sarcastic]?
S: That's good. Go on like this.
Me: Put your clothes back on
S: [puts his clothes back on] And now?
Me: Have a safe journey home. Goodbye

Why I charge

I do not feel the need to explain myself in any way. Not as a woman or professional, nor as a Mistress either. I do feel I the need to address this issue once and for all. And possibly, give you a peak into my world if you need to adjust your short sighted perspective.

So buckle up:

  • Skills, time. Simple. Any questions?
  • I get payed for my PASSION.
    Don't blame it on me, if you have a shitty job and you don't follow your highest excitement in life. Not my fault your job feels like a grid stone. Now shouf, shouf... do something about it.
  • My charges are/have slowly and consequently rise and have rissen. I AM THE LUXURY and treat that will be long treasured in your heart, mind and cock. Even if you can afford to book a long session and tip me... I set the rules of how often you may come back again and indulge in this liason.
  • You need to save up boy! If you could choose, would you pick fiat multipla or Ferrari?
  • I feel confident and comfortable charging you. Belive me, it was, even a spiritual practice for me.
  • I am good. I know I am. It's not an arrogance or ego talk. It's years of try's and errors. Self work that keeps going on. I am natural, born DOMINANT (unlike many who are into BDSM for quick money). Yes, have been polishing that raw diamond into brilliance. It has been a treasured and inner work that resulted in more than full time unconventional commitment. One I can't fake, even if I tried.
  • DEPOSIT before 1st session: your first step out of comfort zone and into the devotion to your Mistress. To her rules. There are more fakers at your end than mine.
  • Money is a power exchange. Questions?
  • I don't make you kneel to pay. Does that bend your mind?
  • You can't buy me. I won't do tricks for money, perform sexual services or see you sooner. Really, really want that? Try circus. Or other payed (often cheaper services that I dearly respect)
  • OTHERS charge less? I am not just anyone. I am precious and unique in my line of work.
    And also human woman in a material world.
  • You want to spoil me more? Please do. Use my links for suggestions. After all, how many bottles of Chanel nr 5 can I handle?
    Want to show your appreciation in form of tip or gift? Thank you. It's not necessary and/but I really do appreciate.
  • Negotiating the session price? Please... I experience it as lack of sensitivity, empathy and humiliation for yourself! Darling... if you could afford that ferrari... would you haggle?
  • It's not all about money. You can serve me in many ways. See annual birthday actions and other lifestyle related servitudes. Or test rabbit actions. Check regularly my social media and stay tuned. It's about devotion, connection and submission. Don't play bullshit bingo with me.
  • I am a FemDom, a Mistress. It's my lifestyle you contribute too. Also work, (although surely it doesn't feel like 9-5 job) so think about the gear, space, clothing I use. Go ahead and see what a quality costs.
  • You've been scammed before? Ah you poor soul. I hope you've learnt from it. That's why you should value real deal like me even more. And don't be stupid. Do your research. You can always invite me for a cup of coffee to see how real I am.
  • Don't make your problem mine. I am compassionate but I don't do charity on you. Chew on this.
    Make it your practice to work on yourself: physically, mentally and emotionally. On your life in general. It will do you good. Wouldn't you do it for me?
  • If something is off, I will stop and send you home. Free of charge.
  • If I come to you as professional... I pay you? No?
  • Of course you spoil the ones you love and treasure? Wouldn't you polish that ferrari daily? 😉
  • Oh " you pay me... so you expect me to… '' …. listen boy, I have a listening ear to longings and humble requests as we often work with delicate matter that not even your wife, mother, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, (no one, maybe even yourself ) knows about. Your deepest longings... but if you think I will be your puppet, snif yourself. Do you really want to surrender? Do you really want to explore and experience the magic of loosing control and be cought after tumbling down the rocky road into my sweet embrace?

If you still want what you want... there are plenty of woman out there who will gladly fulfill your exact expectations. I have personal boundries that have been tested by many (attempts) that you shall not cross.
I am not an actress or fetish dispenser. Please be gone.

  • Money is one of the frames (time, kink, space) of in your outlet experience. One of even spiritual/mental reset button. After all, you pay for vacation too? Yes I charge YOUR battery.
  • I don't force you to pay. Feel free to go elsewhere - my free of charge advice.

Love, kiss and spank,

Your precious Miss Mercy

Cleaning slave wanted

Welcome to my world,

Do you really enjoy serving and cleaning to prove to your Mistress that you are a sweet, good, useful and pleasant addition to her life?

You know what a broom and bucket is for? Are you submissive? Cleaning is your fetish?

You are definitely not a child who needs guidance at all times while brushing?

You love nothing more than to serve a strong, dominant, beautiful, warm and interesting woman?

First of all, I expect a message in which you neatly introduce yourself and describe why you think you are a suitable cleaning slave.

If I like your email, I will contact you and invite you for a rather intimidating job interview. With click you can start almost immediately.


Available 1 or 2 x a week for 2-3 hours (times that suit me)


You like cleaning

You can multitask

You want to be in a penis cage - is an advantage

You go for a 100% satisfaction guarantee from your mistress BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY

You are discreet, helpful, creative, reliable and subservient

You live near Deventer or you don't mind traveling for work


A few hours a week, in appropriate clothing (or without) cleaning the studio and other spaces and serving as a personal buttler during sessions, parties, etc. Serving lunch is also part of the job package.


Pleasant, strict boss lady

No salary but satisfaction

An increase (not in salary, but in your heart rate and penis)

Sexual harassment at work

Interested? Call/email/message me. Cost? You pay all cleaning items and a contribution of 50 euros per week. Everything should be spick and span with cleaning. Don't expect me to stand behind you with a whip to see if everything is done properly and neatly. Not? You'll be out on the street before you know it. Note: don't expect a game. Would you like that? Then you book a session and I may give you a discount.

Kiss and spank with a wet cloth,

Miss Mercy

Jan 7 2023

Der Spiegel

I merely reflect your desire
Mirror your self-worth
In most positive and uncommon sense

I give you what you need,
Most likely, food for thought

I rule with a sadistic gentleness
And reward you with an absolution

So go inspired and blessed
Infected with a new intension

To live, with eyes wide open and glittering
Not settling for any less than magic

AC 121222

Only one coma

Only one coma

I am a woman who loves man
for the nudity of their souls
And sheer desire of the moment

Love and sex is my religion

In limitless endeavours

In shameless indulgence

Unstoppable urge of tingeling underbelly

The cum-union consumed ferociously
Of my naked curves

No judgement and no inhibitions
No guilt
In my church

I give, an absolution

AC 220922

Sep 22/2022

Happy feet

Foot fetish is a nice way to make yourself vulnerable to your mistress.

We walk on our feet all day long, in heels, pumps, boots, socks, stockings... Our feet carry us most of our lives. We should give them more attention. Not true?

The intimacy of getting so close to such an important part of the mistress's body is exactly what turns you on? Just the idea makes you submissive and subservient?

👠There is something special about forcing someone to massage, lick, kiss and smell my sweaty feet, while I have their hands tied, a belt around their neck, and there is no hope of escape.

👠Being physically under someone's feet is as low as you can be, which is a nice metaphor for power dynamics.

👠Socks that are gag in the mouth, dirty socks that need to be cleaned, even wearing certain types of socks can be part of this beautiful fetish.

👠 My feet deserve love and care. It's nice if someone can give that to me. Foot massage is a beautiful form of body worship.

🦶Imagine dipping my feet in a foamy bath... filled with sea salt, oil... while enjoying a sparkling champagne. Can you picture that?

🦶 I torture and tramp you into bliss with my feet or under my trampling table.

🦶 I'll tie you up and do anything I want with you. You are powerless, you have nowhere to go.

🦶 After a long day, I sit on the couch and read a book A glass of red wine... and you paint me with the best foot massage ever.

🦶 You humbly get down on your knees, you strip my foot of my stiletto... and then?

🦶 Like a prince, you remove my stiletto and press a kiss on my foot. Thereafter...

🦶I dip my foot in wine, and....

👠 You are a Zalando delivery person with an extra service...

👠 After a long day, I sit on the couch and read a book A glass of red wine... and you paint me with the best foot massage ever.

As you can see... there are many screenplays yet to be written.

What's your dream? How would you like to treat me?

My feet are size 36, always cared for and provided with a nice pedicure. :)

Oh yes.. there is a secret place on my foot that can give me an orgasm with the right stimulatio


x Miss Mercy

Aug 13/2022


Insociology, feminization is the shift in gender roles in a society, group, or organization toward a focus on the feminine. Here in my experience it is 1:1 in particular. In Tantra that "shift" is called a polarity switch. Whether you are a man or a woman, you always have both polarities within you at the same time! Yes. And to each of those polarities belong certain qualities, not only physical, but also emotional and even the spiritual.

Masculine energy is purposeful energy, linear, mental, focused and looking for space and freedom. It is an awareness and depth.

Feminine energy is earthy, fluid, emotional, moving, colorful, intuitive, non-linear, and cultivates love, energy, expression and connection

You could say that the masculine energy is the container, the feminine is the content.

Women in their masculine energy are the most normal thing in the world these days (widely accepted socially): women wear the pants (literally) and make a career. No one is surprised by that. In fact, women are praised and admired for that, how beautifully can they contribute to society, how beautifully can they juggle balls of motherhood, carrie, happy life, sex, etc. Deep in her heart she longs for surrender. In a relationship with such a woman, a man sometimes feels pushed in his feminine energy. Yes. Pushed, this polarity does not arise organically. Together (among other things) with the #meetoo movement, the balls of the man have literally been cut off. Men long for a kissed feminine and women for a healthy masculine. to women who have their heart and pussy allines and men their cock and heart. Men and women cherished in them both energies.

Sometimes as a man you have more feminine energy than the masculine. By nature, this energy is flowy and transformative. And you want that. You want to sink deep into the feminine energy. Recharge, relax, awaken, bloom. This energy is often suppressed. Unfortunately, we all know that what suppresses you will sooner or later float to the surface. Call upon your masculine power and ensure the time frame in which you enter your feminine polarity is seen and nurtured. In your relationship or outside it, e.g. with me. So it is also "safe" for your girlfriend who may feel threatened or ambushed by your kink, fantasy or fetish. What happens if that energy is not limited? If you are too much in your feminine energy? You wouldn't be able to give good enough direction to offer her the safety and security she needs. On the other hand, the man also needs the feminine energy in his partner to feel invited into his masculine essence and strength. What a beautiful balance dance is that? THE balance between the polarity is much coveted ying and yang.

Like this! You see ? in simple words: it's normal! As you probably notice, most people go back and forth between both polarities whether they know it or not, whether they call it that or not. Some in toxic needy and greedy masculinity, some women in unattractive "pussy whipping" to name a few.

In Tantra you "live out" in your polarity switch we call a "practice". So feminine or masculine practice. And yes..

Feminine practice can be: day at the spa, dancing, shopping, make-up, make-up, singing, going out with your girlfriends.

Masculine practice: meditation, odd jobs, retreat. in your "man cave", on a motorbike with your friends, watching football.

From these, charged, beautiful energies we can be beautiful space holders for each other. Feeling better, understanding and approaching each other with love, openness and compassion

. From duality into onness in sacred union.

Jul 17/2022 


The greater the social control, the greater the restraint of man and associated feelings.

Unfortunately, you know as well as I do... that you can only temporarily control your submissive, masochistic feelings, your fetish.

It comes up. The urge is many times greater than social control, the love for your partner, child or your work. And good but also.. because YOU are the most important person in your life.

No one else can give you what you need if they don't understand you. If it paradoxically doesn't offer you a boundary and safe container.

Sometimes you don't even understand your own feeling and you look for approval and confirmation in someone else. In vain. You are barely understood and often laughed at and you feel rejected.

That's why you're looking. Outside your community, outside your relationship. You often come across a carbon copy of a Mistress. A nice experience, nice intention and action that is only professionally one-sided.

Then you give up your hope. Or you search further.

The real Mistress is a rare find. An intriguing lady who is dominant and caring. One who is intelligent and not afraid to be vulnerable. She represents a certain quality, finesse, she understands you and is open-minded enough to reflect, embrace and accept your needs, desires and feelings. Even lift it to another dimension. The lady who triggers you is in her feminine power, where you feel emotion, challenge, invitation, healing, joy, serenity, seduction, guidance and much more...

From duality to unity and security. A journey through your desire, experience, pain, lust, fantasy, tenderness and hard grip. A feast for your senses


Oui ma chérie c'est fem dom, une femme selon ton coeur.


Jun 19/2022

Common little girl...

"My girl, my girl, don't lie to me
Tell me where did you sleep last night"


" There I suddenly lay. Diagonally on the mattress. My arms stripped with tierips to metal tubes next to me. I look ahead between two breasts. My breasts that is.

I was dressed by you just now. In women's clothing. For a long time it was my fantasy to dress and act like a slutty woman. I also told you this prior to making the appointment.

At least, before I was about the clothes. I did not expect that you also provided me with breasts, wig and lipstick. I suddenly looked slutty. I was suprised. For a moment there was also a feeling of discomfort. Was there the little girl in me? The little girl who was about to lose her virginity?!?

The way you looked at me made me stop all thoughts. That's your strength. Your eyes told pride, pleasure.. proud of creating a girl. With which you could do whatever you wanted. After all, she asked for it, right?

Soon I was on my back. An eye mask slid over my eyes. I get a sense of resignation. I can let go more easily. I feel free. But also exciting.

My hands are tied. A gag follows in my mouth. All I can do is make noises that should sound like yes or no.

Anyway, I'm ready like prey...

You're all whispering things to me that you're planning... whether it's to excite me or frighten me? I only get half...

To lie there like that, in that situation... it turns me on. "alley", "innocent girl", "slut", "men" "calling tops"...

Wait... call? Tops? hello, we didn't agree on this?? I don't know what to say. A lot of things are going through my head, should I intervene? I quickly realize that you wouldn't just do that. So I'll leave it as it is.

I groan awkwardly. But it did produce an erection...

When the eye mask comes off I see a dildo on the other side of the gag. You suck it and play with my nipples at the same time. I feel like I'm being seduced. You teased me.

I was allowed to look at you for a moment. A beautiful appearance, not to forget your eyes. My sight is taken away again.

The gag is dismissed and I already suspect what is to come. Soon I feel the first cock against my outstretched tongue. I remember from the last time that I find sucking so horny. Secretly I longed for this. I take it willingly. I feel how the cock goes faster and deeper. When I am then taken in my mouth with the strap on, it completes it. In addition, the fact that I don't get much time to catch my breath gives me an ultimate feeling of being used. I feel so helpless and small. So nice.

My fishnet tights are ripped to free my ass. I still don't see anything. You tell me you are far from done with me. I know what's coming. I spread my legs so that I lie receptive.

Slowly you stretch me so that I can easily be fucked firmly. After trying for a while, the correct format penetrates. For a moment it felt a little painful. After that it felt like a new world opened up.

I lay there, my legs open and wide, like a real slut. My arms chained up. Blindfolded and willing. It felt like I was eagerly caught.

Hard punches were alternated with sensitive punches. And in the meantime another cock pushed into my mouth. Now I felt like a little slut being abused. My clothes and behavior also asked for it. Finally I experienced being overpowered.

The sense of shame was no longer there. I forgot everything around me. I enjoyed!"

Always wanted to feel what it's like to be a woman? Admired? Receiving attention instead of giving it? Wearing a nice slutty skirt and being a sex object? Walking down the street and seeing all the men drooling, undressing you with their eyes, and mentally tearing you apart?

Or maybe want to be a sex slave? How does a cock feel? Do you secretly dream of feeling it, stroking it, tasting it? Maybe feeling inside you? Bad good girl!

Or do you want to be loved with a hot girl (with a dick)? Would you like to deflower her? Want to let it out on her? Such girls can give you blissful blow jobs. Their pussies are nice and tight. They must eventually be approved. Do you want to be a judge?

I make your fantasy reality. Tell... what do you dream of?

I always create a safe environment to make your fantasy the most beautiful experience. THE CONNECTION, SECURITY and RESPECT ensure that you will enjoy. That's why in the first session of this kind it's important to go for a nice imprint in 1:1 (you, me + dress rehearsal with a strap on). Then only in the second meeting do I bring my starving top(s).

The same goes for the top. Do you want to be a judge? In addition to horniness, you also have to decide on COMPASSION, empathy and, of course, good hygiene.


"It's finally here, it Don't be shy. 

Fortune favours the bold.

Kiss and spank,
Miss Mercy

May 21 /2022

Solitary confinement

Why do you think you deserve punishment? Read this text carefully and know what you are getting yourself into.


For men who don't behave, it is better that they are locked up for a while. Then they have all the time and (no space) to think about their sins and behavior. This way they can be corrected and then they are obedient again. This is a mean punishment. What have you done bad boy that you don't even deserve the attention of the mistress? Have you figured her out?

You then know exactly what you are: the slave of the Mistress and nothing more than her property. Relations have been restored. You've learned your lesson.


All you remember is that she's watching you. You can't go anywhere. Do you want to escape from her power? Don't you dare, every attempt will be punished with hatred and it will only make your miserable situation worse. With every minute the mind fuck is bigger. Will she come back?

You completely disappear in your thoughts. It may also be that I hardly look at you. Without any sense of time, the minutes pass slowly. Or is it hours now? You think: The Mistress is present in the studio but otherwise completely ignores you. She may be busy with another slave who deserves her attention. You occasionally hear hate laughing, talking...

Very occasionally she checks to see if you are still alive, but that's about it. You don't get more than this. Maybe you're tied to the floor, or in the cage, or in a small room with no light. Sometimes you hear her heels, then you think of her beautiful boots... Time passes and then suddenly you see her boots, right before your eyes on the floor. You look up and you see her beautiful eyes. Then suddenly she is gone. You can hear the sound of her heels and her evil laugh. Even those disappear again and then you are all with your thoughts again.

In her power, at the mercy of her, her slit, little animal, completely at her disposal.

She is stern, mean, merciless,

Do you need physical punishment? Is your behavior incorrect? What did you DESERVE the punishment for? What makes you want to place your fate in her merciless hands? What's going through your head?


🔥 You find it exciting and exciting to be in the power of a strong woman?

How would it feel to be used or abused by her? To deserve attention or not? Don't know where you stand?

🔥 The mother you had neglected? Whatever you didn't do, you never deserved her love and attention?

🔥 Did your older sister play nasty games with you? Or a neighbor? Did you secretly like it? Would you have tied up? Kicked in the balls? Laughed out?

🔥 Maybe after the incarceration you would be willing to earn your freedom and endure all kinds of vicious torture?

🔥 Maybe I'm going to perform all kinds of medical experiments on you? drug you? Playing with your mind?

🔥 Have you ever felt lonely and powerless before?

Do you want to earn the woman's attention, approval, affection and warmth in desperate ways?

🔥 Do you have something else on your conscience?

🔥 Or are you so handsome that you should be stuck for that alone? Had you been naughty?

🔥 Do you feel worthless, worth nothing and want to be razed to the ground? Preferably by me?

Tell! Or will the truth emerge during the interrogation?

Time for confession!

Come before a stern and mean judge and accept your punishment


x MM

May 14/2022 

THE Dilemma..

Yeah... It is a a dilemma. Eternal and internal conflict.

You are an autonomous, suverain being. You have a penis or the vagina. You fall in love and then you hand over your penis or vagina to your partner. Invisible chastity belt. You have bypassed your parents, the church and society and have happily touched yourself since the discovery of heaven (masturbation aka self love). And you liked it. Your own, secret, guilty pleasure. Watched a lot of porn, Playboy and other magazines, fantasized.

And now? And now you are trapped in an invisible chasity belt. Why? Apparently love comes hand in hand with the expectation of sharing your sexuality with only one partner. Goodbye fantasy, hello guilt and shame.

Your sexuality is your greatest strength and you give it away? WTF? Since when may someone else decide about the contents of your underpants? And where do you put your dick in? Oh... it is your own romantic decision, out of love, no fucking around, setteling down, time to beheave, she/he is that "the one" special one? Choose one...
You and I both know. and the question is pending: how long will it take you to realise you're trapt?

"God likes to watch. He's a prankster. Think about it.

He gives man instincts. He gives you this extraordinary gift and then what does He do?
I swear, for his own amusement, his own private cosmic gag reel, he sets the rules in opposition.

It's the goof of all time.
Look, but don't touch.
Touch, but don't taste.
Taste, don't swallow. "*

Is this it? No! Sex is your biggest power! Take your power back! Be honest about it.

How many man come to me and feel guilty about it? About their desires and feelings? Some of them are not even sexual (BDSM). My church offers the absolution: you are a normal human being. You need to spread your genetic material in order to survive. You need inspiration. Your partner cannot provide you will every aspect of the sexuality (and she better not), we need more. Is it cheating? If you cheat on your partner you stay true to yourself, if you not, you are fraud to yourself.

Why not be honest about is? Why not talk about it?

Most of us need sex and lots of it. There are physical reasons such as pleasure, stress relief, exercise, sexual curiosity, or attraction to a certain human being, need of intimacy.. There are goal-based reasons: to make a baby, improve social status (for example, to become popular), or seek revenge. There are emotional reasons: love, commitment, or gratitude. And there are also insecurity reasons: to boost self-esteem, keep a partner from seeking sex elsewhere, or feeling a sense of duty or pressure (for example, a partner insists on having sex). *

Yes, many reasons. We have sex for reasons other than procreation, and the human desire to experiment is far too great to limit ourselves to one sexual partner in our lives. Ins't that right?

I am not saying we shaoud all start jumping left and right. But at least start with shedding the shame and guilt. Starting with acknowledging we are a healthy human being with desires and fantasies. Sometimes it happens to be so, that your partner does not share your desires. And that is ok too. A healthy converastion about it can open minds, eyes and doors to many intresting expreriments. And bring your power back.

As your derires might fluctuate ftrom partner to partner, relationship to relationship, your sexualpower should be your own. As the key to your happiness. That one should also be kept in your won pocket. If you depend on your sex or happiness on other people, you are doomed to fail. So no, you are not a sinner, not a cheater. you are a normal, healthy (somewhat lost and confused) human being. Full of guilt, shame, doubts, mind fucks, conditioning. Time to do something about it.

*" Devils Advocat"

Apr 19/2022

My prerogative

My perogative

It is my perogative to do as I please with you
To give attention or deprive you of of it
To neglect and abandon or to give you bread crums of my table.
Make you dance like a circus bear after the cane treatment

It is my supremacy to be a step ahead of you
For you to have someone to look up to
To try to catch a glimps of my stocing when on your knees
Or my glance when you hold your head high

It is my talent to give you a lesson in perseverance
when you loose your mind over the grounds of my cruelty
Only to discover the deeper meaning and the compassion
In the sadistic, delicous perversion

It is my perogative to be voluptuous and fretile with aims
Flirtatios and degrading when I find that fit
In the weeknes I find strength, my precious
In the pain hides the gold of the alchemy

So when you are drown to me like a moth to the candle
Either you burn or fly ignited by the new perception
But never without the burse or pain
In the chasity of suffering and the joy of belonging

Mar 20/2022

Chasity win-win(ner)

One world split into dualty of female and male. Into dominance and submission. Fire and water. Giving and reciving. An eternal dance betweeen polarities.

The power and the lack of it.

Where does our greatest power reside?

You guesses right if you pointed to your cock.

What is the greatest gift you coud ever give someone? A gitf of love, life, creativie force and focus? How about going a step further?

How about showing your apprieciation for me, the reperesntation of all beauty in life in female form and expressing yourself in devotion and attention for me? How about giving me the joy of your orgasm?

The greatest appreciation ever?

You are a weak man if you see it as giving up your manhood, being deprived of it or being a looser. It is not a loss. It is a gift. That I am gladly willing to accept.

It is a perfect practice to temporary diminish or divert your sexual potential into different ways. Something where will power is not requried (for those addicts).

It will help you with self reflection. You will feel defeated. Pathetic even. Head bowed, clapped in irons for what? For whom? Yes... enough time to dewl upon it. Especially when rude awakend by forming erection. Then will your love and adoration for me will change into hate. Tragic... Do not worry. The pain will force your little winner into retreat.

Are you willing to discover all the mindfucks and dismomforts of this beautiful and barbaric practice? Does that excite you? You know that being caged can be very exciting and fulfilling? You will wear it with pride for me?

You want to smash hetero-patriarchy a little bit more by sitting while peeing?

I will gdladly accept the offer of your manhood, orgasm, joy, crrative Kundalini power and devotion in form of a chasity.

So if this writing is strining a right cord... contact me for custum made details, rules, duration and conditions of this beutiful arrnagemrnt.

Win-win(er) for you and me. Me, the key (be)holder.


Miss Mercy

Mar 9/2022