FantASStick work

Miss Mercy's FantASStick work is a patient and kinky approach to anal climax for both men and women.

The man's ass holds tremendous potential for ecstatic pleasure. Men can come in the ass in 2 ways without energy loss: rectal and anal.​

Women can come wonderfully rectally and because the partition with the pussy is very thin... even the vagina gets enough attention.

The ass hides enormous potential for ecstatic pleasure.

Hygiene is one of the biggest mind fucks in the FantASStic experience, so here's a link to thoroughly prepare your ass:

Many people store (sexual) traumas in the ass, shame and much more shit (literally and figuratively).

Through ass de-armouring sessions you can enjoy your sex life optimally, completely and taboo-free. This session is mainly for beginners. People who do NOT (can) experience pleasure in their ass also benefit greatly from this.