What people say

"My session with MM was a complete delight…she makes a very natural connection…her skill, humour and care come very organic and I could feel, release and enjoy my body in new ways that were not accessible to me before in complete trust and safety…i felt in very good hands"

– A. uit België

"Miss Mercy prioritises her own needs and she visibly enjoyed using me to fulfil her own needs. In that way she left no doubt: she does it for her own pleasure and she is not trying to please me. For me that is one of the key elements when being dominated. As a sub I am longing for that place where I don't matter and where I feel safe and secure at the same time. MM is perfectly able to create such a space.
Despite the obvious joy she has in inflicting pain and discomfort on me I could also sense the sincere respect she had for me being courageous and willingly to surrender to that same pain and discomfort. MM does not act from a space of superiority, although she did command me. She took me lovingly and skillfully to a place where I could open up and sink deeper in my body.

To fully relax in my role as a submissive, I need the dominatrix to radiate a certain degree of professionalism and ownership. When MM wrapped my cock in a tight bondage in a blink of an eye I felt I was in safe hands. There was no doubt in anything she did to me and that made me able to relax in the inevitable discomfort she put me in.
I can highly recommend MM because of her wide range of expertise in the field of domination. After a single session I was left with the idea that I only experienced the tip of the iceberg of her full potential. All in all, it was a humbling and opening experience and I am definitely looking forward to a sequel."

– H. uit Drenthe

"I found it incredibly intimate... You balance between totally elusive and completely accessible. Much more erotic than sex... Surprising because I expected something different... You are compelling but at the same time very relaxed..."

- Dennis from the Netherlands

"Together with my wife, I had an ass workshop at MM. The workshop was given with a lot of feeling and attention. MM knows what she is doing and what she is talking about. She is direct and she made me feel enormously and understand that the pain and trauma on my ass especially well release when you step out of your drama and into your pleasure.

Love, Bas"

In every lonely planet, there are hidden gurus. Adepts on roads less travelled. In monasteries less known. For connoisseurs only.
In the lonely planet of TNT, MM t is a hidden master.
Last Friday, I attended an amazing workshop/party dedicated to the flowering and opening of the human male ass. Aptly calling it the FantASSSstic party, MM charmingly introduced us to the amazing wonders of this most powerful of sexual centers.
(...) I did anal de-amouring, ass fucking, ass squirting, buttplugs, aneros and sundry. Little did I know I'd missed some absolutely essential basics.
MM's super friendly, jovial, kinky mean and humorous style got me to really feel what was going on in my ass. She got me to relax, to feel and to distinguish the various sensations at various points of entry and contact. A completely new world opened up to me. The primordial sexual sensation and horniness in the ass is just as fundamental as that of the cock - but completely different! I experience a root vibe from which a whole myriad of new sensations was derived and deriving from.

Every bit as easy, clear, pleasurable, accessible and connected as the world of cock. But also very unique and different.
With MM friendly guidance, we travelled the anatomical planet on roads connecting the ass sensation to every other part of our bodies. Ass to cock, ass to butt, ass to nipples, ass to spine, ass to feet, ass to head .... and the interconnections between all of them. We travelled to the prostate and felt exactly where it is; how it feels and how it works.
I discovered it was all pleasurable and fun - and how the areas and points that I felt pain, constriction, contraction, numbness or scratchiness/abrasive had to do with armouring. With a little bit of tenderness and occasional meanness (kinkily), MM de-armoured these obstacles and opened the road to pure pleasure. Even when she is oh so mean, and wicked and brutal - she can be tough I tell you - nevertheless helping sail through the pain barriers.
We talked about how the female ass is different and/or similar to the male ass.

Now I see how best to share ass with my girls. It's not a big ask! Done well, it's a big giving! A lot of pleasure accessible only to the ass. Just like I can't get these amazing feelings through my cock, my girl's can't get it through their pussy. So if I want to fuck my girl in the ass or want her to fuck me; it's nothing bizarre; just pleasure. She should be grateful. I should be grateful. To share the joy.
So, my ass guru Miss Mercy has changed my life. Now I have secrets I will never be able to tell my mother. Now I don't have to fear all these gay guys I see eyeing my ass. Now I don't have to fear visiting a male gay sauna.
I recall Alex Vartman lamenting many times how the ass is woefully neglected in contemporary tantra - and how important it is to bring the ass back in. I didn't quite get what he meant. Now I have an idea of what I've been missing in my tantric exploration and development.
Most of all, Now I've lost the fear of pussy disappearing from the world - what would happen if there were no more pussies? What a nightmare? No more nightmares. Just give me ass! That will do nicely, thank you"

J. uit Nederland

"As a first timer i had the honour of being treated by an amazing session from MM. It was an incredibly pleasurable experience with good attention for exploring my boundaries and respecting them. Most importantly however was the fact that MM was genuine and notably enjoying what she was doing. That in itself was rewarding and worth it. Defo would do it again"
B. uit Zeist 

"Miss Mercy, what a personality... full of love and compassion, with reinless demon living under her skin. She'll bring medieval upon your ass and hug you as no-one did before afterwards... as she did to me. What a journey! I love you my Queen. I'll do anything for you, just please give me more of that delightful pain!"

- B. uit Amsterdam