She says, "Hey babe

Take a walk on the wild side"

Said, "Hey honey

Take a walk on the wild side"

Many men fantasize about it... what does it feel like to be a woman? Some men sometimes secretly wear their girlfriend's lingerie. Or a dress... or the lipstick...

Some go further and experiment with makeup... and yet they don't look like a top model and the results are disappointing.

Do you think… How would I feel with a nice make up? With clothes that pass? With beautiful lingerie? With long hair? Nails?

With nice breasts? You know how great stockings feel when you slide your hand over them... How nice the thong feels between your buttocks. And the breasts? Pfff... hot!

Do I dare? Do I dare to go to someone who will transform me into a beautiful woman like the godmother, Cinderella's fairy? Would she understand me? Wouldn't she laugh at me? Can she really make something out of my manly body?

The answer is... "baby... here you can be yourself, your mind fucks will disappear like snow in the sun with the result that you can finally admire yourself in the mirror".

Many ladies look in the mirror and often don't believe their eyes how beautiful they are..

Often I hear:

"Is that really me?"

"Wow, wow, wow"

"I can fall in love with myself"

or "I'm horny with myself"

"How beautiful I am"

Some look with tears in their eyes...

I can make this polarity switch true for you. In style. Really no turn-off work with a wig from a carnival store, lingerie and a little lipstick.

What you get is: breathtakingly beautiful make-up, beautiful hair, super beautiful lingerie, stockings and tights, dresses, skirts, heels and boots, breasts, nails, perfume.

Do you want to be a naughty school girl?

Slutty Britney?

A diva?

femme fatale?

A princess?

A slut?

A classy lady?


Do not wait any longer. You are worth it!

The feminisation session takes place in Deventer in my studio. Here I have everything your heart desires. You have to keep in mind that I don't work superficially, but I take you on a journey to your inner feminine self and that takes time. Minimum 3 hours. You are going through a transformation in your appearance but also in your inner self. And when the time comes; then let's go! Lunch in town? To the club? dolphin sex?

Or do you want to be chained in my pillory with a blindfold over your eyes? What will it be?  Take a walk on the wild side honey.