Chasity win-win(ner)


One world split into dualty of female and male. Into dominance and submission. Fire and water. Giving and reciving. An eternal dance betweeen polarities.

The power and the lack of it.

Where does our greatest power reside?

You guesses right if you pointed to your cock.

What is the greatest gift you coud ever give someone? A gitf of love, life, creativie force and focus? How about going a step further?

How about showing your apprieciation for me, the reperesntation of all beauty in life in female form and expressing yourself in devotion and attention for me? How about giving me the joy of your orgasm?

The greatest appreciation ever?

You are a weak man if you see it as giving up your manhood, being deprived of it or being a looser. It is not a loss. It is a gift. That I am gladly willing to accept.

It is a perfect practice to temporary diminish or divert your sexual potential into different ways. Something where will power is not requried (for those addicts).

It will help you with self reflection. You will feel defeated. Pathetic even. Head bowed, clapped in irons for what? For whom? Yes… enough time to dewl upon it. Especially when rude awakend by forming erection. Then will your love and adoration for me will change into hate. Tragic… Do not worry. The pain will force your little winner into retreat.

Are you willing to discover all the mindfucks and dismomforts of this beautiful and barbaric practice? Does that excite you? You know that being caged can be very exciting and fulfilling? You will wear it with pride for me?

You want to smash hetero-patriarchy a little bit more by sitting while peeing?

I will gdladly accept the offer of your manhood, orgasm, joy, crrative Kundalini power and devotion in form of a chasity.

So if this writing is strining a right cord… contact me for custum made details, rules, duration and conditions of this beutiful arrnagemrnt.

Win-win(er) for you and me. Me, the key (be)holder.


Miss Mercy