Erotic high


Not so long ago, came one of my slave's that I see often. One that is very eager and follows my trying.
After each and every session he says: "oh, now it's going to be a couple of months.. busy with work, travelling..."
Then I see him in 2 weeks ;)
Yes, I can be addictive.... ver-slavend in Dutch.
That day, we had a long session. Multiple hours. What a blast it was...
He was naturally high, high naturally :)... he reaches that stage where everything is possible.... where he surrededs fully and utterly. Only with me can he let go of everything. He can be focused on one and only possible task: to follow me, wherever I'd take him. He knows he's in safe hands.
It's a fine balance. it takes a very special kind of evil mischief to take advantage of him in this state. So, "what did she do?" You might wonder. Well, of course, I took advantage of the situation. As he was already naked, I used my ropes to immobilise him, give him a sense of security, and at the same space for his unfolding thoughts and feelings. He was leaking pre cum already 24 hours prior the session. He didn't sleep at night because of the excitement. He knows what I am capable of :)
So... after he was tight up, I've put a blindfold over his eyes. I touched him ever so gently. He always smells so good... he felt my warm breath on his neck, near his face, on his belly. I like his curles, especialy pulling them, biting his ear, his shoulder, digging my long nails in his skin.
His body was shivering. His cock prompt and pulsating, begging for attention. I took some lovely oil in my hands, made it warm and layed my hands on his cock. A deep sigh escaped from his mouth.
That natural state of bliss causes time distortion and highlights ones sensestions. So when all my attention went into his underbelly, he was delighted. I touched him gently, sweetly, at times I was speeding up making him believe I was leading him into the climax.
Did you know what my super power is? I can feel energy, especially kundalini energy. The sexual energy that runs in our bodies.
What a lovely abuse of power it is, to almost bring one to the point of no return... almost... and STOP! Ruin it, and then start climbing again. Silly Prometheus. At least he should be glad I didn't lock him up like the other ones...
His torment was real. And yes. You can torture people with pleasure too. And yes, they are going to beg. And so he did as expected. I'd make him believe that each time was the last, that redemption was nearby. I told him how horny that made me feel. I alternated between "if" and "when" I allow him...
That kind of power is so arousing. I am a woman after all... a mean one.. but hey...that is my perogative. I'd take my wet panties and lay those over his face. What a feast to his nostrils it was... what a unique perfume. I know he loves my scent.
Does he even know, does he even realise, that he's been in this sweet misery for more than 3 hours? No... he's blissed out. Happy, horny, frustrated and depending on my grace, pitty, compassion, mood.. he's entirely in his body. His mind is in accordance with his body and my voice, my touch, my that what's to happen (or not) is his only habitation.
What happened next it's for me to know and for you to find out... once you're ever be so lucky to be in his position...