The greater the social control, the greater the restraint on people and associated feelings.

Unfortunately, you know as well as I do… that you can only temporarily control your submissive, massochistic feelings, your fetish.

It comes up. The urge is many times greater than the social control, the love for your partner, child or your work. And that's a good thing too... because YOU are the most important person in your life.

No one else can give you what you need if they don't understand you. If it does not offer your paradoxical boundaries and a safe container.

Sometimes you don't even understand your own feelings and you look for approval and confirmation in someone else. In vain. You are barely understood and ridiculed and you feel rejected.

That's why you go looking. Outside your community, but your relationship. You often come across a carbon copy of a Mistress. A nice experience, nice intention and action that is only one-sided.

Then you give up your hope. Or you can search further.

The real Mistress is a rare find. An intriguing lady who is dominant and caring. One who is intelligent and not afraid to be vulnerable. She represents a certain quality, finesse, she understands you and is open-minded enough to reflect, embrace and accept your needs, desires and feelings. Even elevate it to another dimension. The lady who triggers you is in her feminine power, where you feel emotion, challenge, invitation, healing, joy, serenity, seduction, guidance and much more...

From duality to unity and security. A journey through your desire, experience, pain, lust, fantasy, tenderness and hard grip. A feast for your senses


Oui ma chérie c'est fem dom, une femme selon ton coeur.