Insociology, feminization is the shift in gender roles in a society, group or organization towards a focus on the feminine. Here in my experience it is 1:1 in particular. In Tantra this "shift" is called a polarity switch. Whether you are a man or a woman, you always have both polarities within you at the same time! Yes. And each of those polarities includes certain qualities, not only physical, but also emotional and even spiritual.

Masculine energy is purposeful energy, linear, mental, focused and looking for space and freedom. It is an awareness and depth.

Feminine energy is earthy, fluid, emotional, mobile, colorful, intuitive, nonlinear, and cultivates love, energy, expression and connection

You could say that the masculine energy is the container, the feminine is the content.

Women in their masculine energy are now the most normal thing in the world (widely socially accepted): women wear the pants (literally) and make a career. No one is surprised by that. In fact, a woman is praised and admired for this, how beautifully she can contribute to society, how beautifully she can juggle the balls of motherhood, carrie, happy life, sex, etc. Deep in her heart she longs for surrender. In the relationship with such a woman, a man sometimes feels pushed in his feminine energy. Yes. Pushed, this polarity does not arise organically. Together (among other things) with the #meetoo movement, men's balls have literally been cut off. Men long for a kissed feminine and women for a healthy masculine. to women who have their heart and pussy alllines and men their cock and heart. Men and women cherished in both their energies.

Sometimes as a man you have more feminine energy than the masculine. By nature, this energy is flowy and transformative. And you want that. You want to sink deep into the feminine energy. Recharge, slow down, awaken, blossom. This energy is often suppressed. Unfortunately, we all know that what you oppress will sooner or later float to the surface. Call on your masculine power and ensure that the time frame in which you come into your feminine polarity is seen and cherished. In your relationship or outside of it, for example with me. This way it is also "safe" for your girlfriend, who may feel threatened or attacked by your kink, fantasy or fetish. What happens if that energy is not limited? If you are too much in your feminine energy? You wouldn't be able to provide good enough direction to offer her the safety and security she needs. On the other hand, the man also needs the feminine energy in his partner to feel invited into his masculine essence and power. What a beautiful balance dance is that? THE balance between the polarity is much coveted ying and yang.

Like this! You see ? in simple words: it's normal! As you probably notice, most people go back and forth between both polarities whether they know it or not, whether they call it that or not. Some in toxic needy and greedy masculinity, some women in unattractive "pussy whipping" to name a few examples.

In Tantra, we call "living out" your polarity switch a "practice". So feminine or masculine practice. And yes..

Feminine practice can be: a day at the spa, dancing, shopping, make-up, singing, going out with your friends.

Masculine practice: meditation, chores, retreat. in your "man cave", on the motorcycle with your friends, watching football.

From these charged, beautiful energies we can be beautiful space holders for each other. Feeling better, understanding and approaching each other with love, openness and compassion. From duality into nonsense in sacred union.