Reflection of Feminisation session


Thursday, November 25 seems to be a turning point in my life, the peace I now experience, the flashing thoughts, the feelings, they all rush through my body.

The run-up to this situation, a coffee conversation with Miss Mercy in Deventer on October 21, following my discovery of the advertisement "Feminisation - take a walk on the wild side!" on sex jobs. Result: an appointment for a session on Thursday, November 25.

Then a month of doubts, fantasies, do-do-don't-do decisions, it's a lot of money, I'm not too old, in short, a wonderful run-up to a wonderful experience.

The session itself was impressive, starting with a ten-minute emotional landing in which I could barely contain myself from dancing to Nick Cave's music. The tension faded away, I remained nervous, wanting to do things too quickly.

"I have to realize that the world is different for a woman, less direct decisiveness but calm and let the situation wash over you. I have to be more receptive and leave the control to Miss Mercy."

Confidence grew, but the high heels made me falter again.

"It will be a long road to Feminisation, a dream will become reality".

The make-up became a beautiful work of art, the feelings I experienced during this creative creation gave me intimacy, confidence and security. Then the metamorphosis, a whirlwind of feelings and wonder, is that me?

The photos, a photogenic pose and position can sometimes be a physical tour de force and sometimes very natural. The photos are created with Miss Mercy's instructions

"Still a lot of practice, looking for a natural smile and a flexible posture"

So far I could still understand and follow it, wonderful those proud feelings of being able to do this.

But then an experience unprecedented for me, I was overwhelmed by a huge wave of intimacy that Miss Mercy poured over me. Confusion, gratitude that this could happen to me, the wonderful feeling of physical contact, which put me in a loving trance that I could not escape. I was taken by Miss Mercy to an unprecedented experience.

Yes, this was truly a "take a walk on the wild side".

For me a beautiful intimate gift that I will think about and think about a lot and a precious memory that I will continue to cherish.

I still have a lot to learn about how to behave as a human being and I hope that Miss Mercy will be my teacher.

X Anna