Solitary confinement


Why do you think you deserve punishment? Read this text carefully and know what you are getting into.


For men who do not behave, it is better that they are locked up for a while. Then they have all the time and (no space) to think about their sins and behavior. This way they can be corrected and then they will be obedient again. This is a mean punishment. What have you done, bad boy, that you don't even deserve the attention of the mistress? Have you figured her out?

You then know exactly what you are: the slave of the Mistress and nothing more than her property. Relations have been restored. You've learned your lesson.


All you know is... that she's keeping an eye on you. There's nowhere to go. Do you want to escape from her power? Don't dare, every attempt will be punished with hatred and it will only make your miserable situation worse. The mind fuck is bigger with every minute. Will she come back?

You completely disappear into your thoughts. It may also be that I hardly pay attention to you. Without any sense of time, the minutes pass slowly. Or is it hours now? You think: The Mistress is present in the studio but otherwise completely ignores you. She may be busy with another slave who deserves her attention. You hear hate every now and then laughing, talking...

Every now and then she checks to see if you're still alive, but that's about it. You don't deserve more than this. Maybe you're stuck on the ground, or in the cage, or in a small room with no light. Sometimes you hear her heels, then you think of her beautiful boots... Time passes and then you suddenly see her boots, right before your eyes on the floor. You look up and you see her beautiful eyes. Then suddenly she's gone. You hear the sound of her heels and her evil laugh. Even those disappear again and then you are alone with your thoughts again.

In her power, at her mercy, her slit, animal, completely at her disposal.

She is strict, mean, merciless,

Do you need physical punishment? Is your behavior incorrect? What did you DESERVE the punishment for? What makes you want to place your fate in her merciless hands? What's going through your mind?


🔥 You find it thrilling and exciting to be in the power of a strong woman?

How would it feel to be used or abused by her? Do you deserve attention or not? Don't know where you stand?

🔥 The mother you neglected? No matter what you didn't do, you never deserved her song and attention?

🔥 Did your older sister play nasty games with you? Or a neighbor? Did you secretly like it? Would you have been tied up? Kicked in the balls? Made fun of?

🔥 Maybe after confinement you would be willing to earn your freedom and suffer all kinds of vile tortures?

🔥 Maybe I'll perform all kinds of medical experiments on you? Drugging you? Playing with your mind?

🔥 Have you ever felt lonely and powerless before?

Do you desperately want to earn the woman's attention, approval, affection and warmth?

🔥 Do you have something else on your conscience?

🔥 Or are you so handsome that that alone should get you stuck? Had you been naughty?

🔥 Do you feel worthless, worthless and do you want to be razed to the ground? Preferably by me?

Tell! Or will the truth emerge during the interrogation?

Time for confession!

Come before a strict and mean judge and accept your punishment.

x MM