The beauty of female leadership


I am always in the lead. You might be the head, I'll always be the neck... and heart.

You are the solid rock, and I'll maintain the resilience of water.

I'll dance around you and seduce you. Even when in my soft feminine for you to indulge. I'll rest my head on your shoulder, allowing you to take care of me, only when feeling safe and appreciated. Disarmed of underlying motoves. Simply being and not doing. Existing.

I am the luscious divinity you can't exist without, always drawn to my essence.

Self-aware, self actualised, in motion, on my way home to my natural birth right through the pain of deprivation on this realm.

So would you like to bathe in my presence? I'll guide you lovingly, gently, but firmly. I'll hurt you, put my finger in the wound, all for your own good.

By all means necessary. Come my love, let the magic happen. When lost in life, when challenged, find your way to me, to serve me. Not because I'm helpless, but because I'm precious.