The polarity dance between the Fear and Desire


The polarities can be the leaks in our lives, where we lose our sparkle and power.

The more they merge, the more alive and complete we feel.

Fears and desires are the most important of these polarities that we have experienced. One can lead the way to the other. Or either can take us into beautiful space from another direction. Sometimes they play hide and seek with us; one seeks the other. Other times they may invade us arm in arm, to create great CONFUSION in the mind.

In looking, recognizing and processing them, developing the skills to bring them together, is one of the main themes of our INNER JOURNEY.

Looking into my fears, stepping out of my comfort zone, embracing my desires...

The more I can look into my fears and push through them, the more self-compassion I cultivate.

My perception becomes broader, my breathing goes deeper, my muscles relax...

And yet I can connect there with my desires. My desires lead the way to my own TRUTH. Embracing and expressing them directly and courageously puts me in a space where I feel whole instead of needy. This sets me free. This makes me enjoy who I really am. This gives me the bliss of internal union, free from any expectation.

And my journey gets juicier every time I take a step further into my own truth...

Do you dare to embark on such a beautiful journey? Dancing between your deep desires and the colors outside the lines?

Then come… I don't bite (hard).

Contact me and let's search for your truth together.

*Inspired by a reflection from a Friend