The yummiest session


"You mustn't play with your food!"
"You can't leave the table until your plate is empty!"
"You can't have dessert."
"Look what you've done!"

All those things we're not allowed to do... What if there were suddenly no restrictions?
Time ago I made someone very happy (I mean besides myself). Food play has been on my mind for a long time on personal kinky wishlist. Why? Because BDSM isn't just about pain and suffering like the most people think. It's also about not taking yourself so seriously, as I have learned in Tantra courses. Playing like a kid would be great, right?
That is just what we did that with my client.

As I laid him down on the floor in latex pool all naked and vulnerable ... I first layed on top of him. On his back. His heart was racing, he was breathing fast, not knowing what is exactly going to happen. His first time with a Mistress.
Then, once his body stopped shaking, I started the whole juicy process. I tied him up. I have blindfolded him.
He could only watch when I occasionally pulled the blindfold from his eyes. Then I smeared some of the whipped cream on his nipples. He sighed... He liked it. Nice contrast, that cold cream vs my warm tongue. Then I traced to his cock... and around it, into the balls. He enjoyed that and it was visable… I splashed the cream all around, smearing it all over his body. He shivered with pleasure. I smeared with my feet and let him lick it off. That was so erotic...

Then it was time for custard. I sat on top of him, took his blindfold off. He expected me to pour it out on him… Hell no...I smeared it on myself! Yes! On my clothes!
You should see the disbelief in his eyes! The joy, the excitement! While I said to him:
"You can't play with your food" ; or "; You mustn't spill, you mustn't waste food," I smeared it all over me. And then I layed on top of him. I released his hands and let him touch me. That felt amazing.
I took off my dirty and soaked clothes. Apart from my red thong, I was naked. We ware gliding over each other, sliding around, crushing and squeezing more food between us. Bananas, berries, cupcakes, strawberries...
Food got everywhere. Yes, I mean EVERYWHERE. And it was great.

I took the whipped cream, spread it on the banana. You know what I did….?

The room was hot. We were both pretty dirty, sticky and smelling of arousal and food. Soon I heard myself say "how would you feel about fucking a jar of Nutella"? Well… he didnt resist.

I told him: "Next time, I'll let you play with champagne bottle"… that made him breathe heavily and moan from enjoyment.

We played. Inoccently, dirty, sticky, horny.

It was madness. The texture, the smell, gliding over each other, the softness… Smearing his cock, my perfect ass, the boobs covered in custard ans sprinkels… What a feast!

After we'd had enough, even the shower afterwards was a lot of fun and felt naughty. We felf like washing all the sins to return to our normal self.

Do you also think in pictures?

Do you want to try it? What do you fancy? Custard? Cake? Hot chocolate sauce?
Champagne? Candles? Party? Let me know!

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