The Alchemy


Sexual alchemy is something that I am most curious about. How, when and if it affects our (daily) lives. The hormones, the emotions, the experiences, the perfume, the longings, the curiosity, sometimes with or without extra additions. I like to cook… with spice, pain, impact, juices and some bitter medicine that alters the vessel.

I am the best on my own. In solitude I always regain my inner power. My door opens from inside. That also applies when other people are concerned. Other people like my lovers, slaves, the daily affairs. What does that mean?

After an intense experience with someone I need my time. I need to retreat, ventilate, talk, purge, cry, eat, write, sit, sleep.
When with you my dear sub, slave, curious wonderer, I give my best. Thats why I simply cannot engage in many sessions a day.

Best encounters are the ones, when I pull you into the vortex. You know… when everything can happen. When your curiosity overules your fear.

Are you truly in touch with the source through sex, orgasm in pure, authentic, grounded and heart centred way? Yes… thats sex magic. Hell yeah… that's what I'm cooking. Want a bite? What do YOU bring to the table?

I see myself as an alchemist, a mistress, a bruja. I said, I go by many names?
There is power in touch. It's a medicine. On physical or energetical level there always is an effect. Let me touch you.