Why I charge


I do not feel the need to explain myself in any way. Not as a woman or professional, nor as a Mistress either. I do feel I the need to address this issue once and for all. And possibly, give you a peak into my world if you need to adjust your short sighted perspective.

So buckle up:

  • Skills, time. Simple. Any questions?
  • I get payed for my PASSION.
    Don't blame it on me, if you have a shitty job and you don't follow your highest excitement in life. Not my fault your job feels like a grid stone. Now shouf, shouf... do something about it.
  • My charges are/have slowly and consequently rise and have rissen. I AM THE LUXURY and treat that will be long treasured in your heart, mind and cock. Even if you can afford to book a long session and tip me... I set the rules of how often you may come back again and indulge in this liason.
  • You need to save up boy! If you could choose, would you pick fiat multipla or Ferrari?
  • I feel confident and comfortable charging you. Belive me, it was, even a spiritual practice for me.
  • I am good. I know I am. It's not an arrogance or ego talk. It's years of try's and errors. Self work that keeps going on. I am natural, born DOMINANT (unlike many who are into BDSM for quick money). Yes, have been polishing that raw diamond into brilliance. It has been a treasured and inner work that resulted in more than full time unconventional commitment. One I can't fake, even if I tried.
  • DEPOSIT before 1st session: your first step out of comfort zone and into the devotion to your Mistress. To her rules. There are more fakers at your end than mine.
  • Money is a power exchange. Questions?
  • I don't make you kneel to pay. Does that bend your mind?
  • You can't buy me. I won't do tricks for money, perform sexual services or see you sooner. Really, really want that? Try circus. Or other payed (often cheaper services that I dearly respect)
  • OTHERS charge less? I am not just anyone. I am precious and unique in my line of work.
    And also human woman in a material world.
  • You want to spoil me more? Please do. Use my links for suggestions. After all, how many bottles of Chanel nr 5 can I handle?
    Want to show your appreciation in form of tip or gift? Thank you. It's not necessary and/but I really do appreciate.
  • Negotiating the session price? Please... I experience it as lack of sensitivity, empathy and humiliation for yourself! Darling... if you could afford that ferrari... would you haggle?
  • It's not all about money. You can serve me in many ways. See annual birthday actions and other lifestyle related servitudes. Or test rabbit actions. Check regularly my social media and stay tuned. It's about devotion, connection and submission. Don't play bullshit bingo with me.
  • I am a FemDom, a Mistress. It's my lifestyle you contribute too. Also work, (although surely it doesn't feel like 9-5 job) so think about the gear, space, clothing I use. Go ahead and see what a quality costs.
  • You've been scammed before? Ah you poor soul. I hope you've learnt from it. That's why you should value real deal like me even more. And don't be stupid. Do your research. You can always invite me for a cup of coffee to see how real I am.
  • Don't make your problem mine. I am compassionate but I don't do charity on you. Chew on this.
    Make it your practice to work on yourself: physically, mentally and emotionally. On your life in general. It will do you good. Wouldn't you do it for me?
  • If something is off, I will stop and send you home. Free of charge.
  • If I come to you as professional... I pay you? No?
  • Of course you spoil the ones you love and treasure? Wouldn't you polish that ferrari daily? 😉
  • Oh " you pay me... so you expect me to… '' …. listen boy, I have a listening ear to longings and humble requests as we often work with delicate matter that not even your wife, mother, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, (no one, maybe even yourself ) knows about. Your deepest longings... but if you think I will be your puppet, snif yourself. Do you really want to surrender? Do you really want to explore and experience the magic of loosing control and be cought after tumbling down the rocky road into my sweet embrace?

If you still want what you want... there are plenty of woman out there who will gladly fulfill your exact expectations. I have personal boundries that have been tested by many (attempts) that you shall not cross.
I am not an actress or fetish dispenser. Please be gone.

  • Money is one of the frames (time, kink, space) of in your outlet experience. One of even spiritual/mental reset button. After all, you pay for vacation too? Yes I charge YOUR battery.
  • I don't force you to pay. Feel free to go elsewhere - my free of charge advice.

Love, kiss and spank,

Your precious Miss Mercy