Why I don't want you to call me a goddesss!


Hey ya'll self-proclaimed goddesses and loosers supporting that fenomeneon – the spiritual bypassing is as real as real is. Take off the imaginary crowns and work on yourself! Be real girl! Of course we all carry that devine spark in us all, tantra says. That is what we honour and cherish in each other. But how about to dedicate yourself to buliding a foundation of self-esteem and self-worth, so we don't need to rely on external validation or dopamine spikes to feel worthy, loved and admired? How about that self respect sister? You are a human being ruled by your subconscious mind and bodily urges. A one with a beautiful ego too.

It's time to brush off that fairy dust, take that silly crown off, come down from that unicorn and be back in reality. In reality, Facetune, likes and followers don't wipe away the childhood wounds and conditioning that keeps you wanting that validation. In reality, chasing one psychedelic journey to the next doesn't make you into an enlightened being. Neither does collecting cristals, being vegan, not shaving your armpits or polyfuckery.

Truth to be told, working on yourself, not being afraid of your shadows, owning your shit, walking small steps will do you much better.

Self-compassion (not to be mistaken with selfishness), resilience and truth revealing that you keep repeating, that eventually adds up to significant shifts. Borring, eh? I know darling. No glitter there. Maybe more tears and sweat that we want. But if you are smart, you will not take shortcuts. And even if you occasionally take the step or two back, no need to panic, its not the end of the world, its only chachacha. Why so serious? Noone gets out of here alive anyway.

In reality, unclear intentions void of action do not manifest any impact. No magic there.

I know, I am guilty too. I have social media where I display my love for material stuff and my shiny hiney. I understand. There's nothing really wrong with appreciating any of that. However, the loud online proclamations of spirituality are often not really authentic. This spiritual bypassing distracts us from the truth, disconnects us from our feelings, and enables us to avoid the bigger picture. We all have our flows, we are not perfect. It is being a human being.

Putting yourself up on a pedestal is pure objectification. Calling and claiming and demaning to call yourself a goddess is in itself, rooted in ego. And if so… there is work to be done. You see where I am going with this? No? Ok. Namaste. May it down on you when the time is right.

Enjoy the process!