"Bliss happens by the grace of devine"

"Bliss happens by the grace of the divine" says one of my favourite tantric teachers, Margot Anand.
By extension I think, as we have a divine element in us we are able to feel the ecstasy and bliss.
Eleborating on this in my head, I cannot help and see in my minds eye the masterwork of Lorenzo Bernini: "The Extasy of Saint Theresa". The look on that woman's face set in white marble makers my mind wonder in mysterious ways. I often see it on the faces of my subs going into deep surrender.
Spiritual bliss is not far from religious devotion, sub space or induced by some chemicals. I bet there are brainiacs among you that probably can back this with brain scans and more fancy psychological and scientific jargon.

Why, why do we need to chase that rabbits tail?

Well, I think we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Call me crazy, call me weird, but I have so many times experienced and touched the divine in my life, that I'd gladly join the complot saying, that ecstasy is our natural birth right and all our life's we are walking in the dark trying to find it. It is a long walk througout density of this life into our original Source. Going back home as Guru Ram Das said.
We only get glimpses of it. And what do we do when we get such glimpse, an insight or an epiphany?
Well, in best case follow it. Often we deny it, monopolize it, want it only for ourselves. We use our relative ability to explain it to ourselves.
Love is the key to bliss. So is empathy, devotion and so is compassion.
How does that make sense? Especialy in BDSM? Well my dear. Think about it.
The real love making brings you to bliss, orgasm, plesure.
The love for God, and from God is giving us a comfortable comfort, at least some of us. The word God you can exchange in Allah, Energy, Source, Buddha, Unified Field, Universe, Devine Mother or any other divine being you feel. Institutionalising God, that's where the trouble starts. You have to believe, and if not, you don't beling and we wil do bad things to you. And we make some dogmas, taboos and put the blanket of shame and guilt of you. But where is the LOVE?

What makes spiritual experiernce different to religious is beliving in ones OWN experience. It definetely trurned me from atheist to a beliver. And so I have had many of those experinces that have turned my life around, have enriched it, gave me insights. Where I have seen new possibilities and ways to bring others (or share, or where others have helped to bring me) to their OWN beutiful realisations and insights.

Pain, love, endurance, suffering, shadow work, our darkness, thats where the gold is. And so, even withot saying the word, you find your mind landing on BDSM. So paradoxically, without being too goal orientated I unleash your potential though that beautiful polarity play in my sessions. Why polarity? Well, thats where tension field is! And that my dear you can use for your advantage. Take the way of the ego or use it for good. And what that good would be.. I leave it up to you.

Anyhow, on Saturday morning, inspired and chased by my thoughts had to type this budle of thought.
That's my stand on BDSM.

Apr 1