We all know, nature does not like the void.
I can never emphasise on the nature of polarity in our earthly experience. Especially in BDSM.



I can dominante you with gadgets and tools. With gentleness and feathers. I can dominante you with sensuality and touch. In sadistic and erotic way.

Erotic high


Not so long ago, came one of my slave's that I see often. One that is very eager and follows my trying.
After each and every session he says: "oh, now it's going to be a couple of months.. busy with work, travelling..."
Then I see him in 2 weeks ;)
Yes, I can be addictive.... ver-slavend in Dutch....



Its the title you ought to deserve.
All of you come with beautifil stories:

"You mustn't play with your food!"
"You can't leave the table until your plate is empty!"
"You can't have dessert."
"Look what you've done!"



Some people think I hate man, and that's why I do what I do. They think they know. Oh, you poor souls. Here is un- lubed truth straight away: What a tragic projection... how damaged you must be. I am sorry things happened to you in which you felt powerless and did not give consent for. But please... try to...

"Bliss happens by the grace of the divine" says one of my favourite tantric teachers, Margot Anand.
By extension I think, as we have a divine element in us we are able to feel the ecstasy and bliss.
Eleborating on this in my head, I cannot help and see in my minds eye the masterwork of Lorenzo Bernini:...