The Alchemy


Sexual alchemy is something that I am most curious about. How, when and if it affects our (daily) lives. The hormones, the emotions, the experiences, the perfume, the longings, the curiosity, sometimes with or without extra additions. I like to cook… with spice, pain, impact, juices and some bitter medicine that alters the vessel.

Anger calls for action, it is a good fuel. Highely explosive. Numbs the perception, numbs thinking, rages like a bull that calls for the offer and for the victim. Pushes, not only against the object, thing, person, action that caused it, but everything around it. Everything in it's way.

Imagine NOW


Imagine being on a beautiful, tropcal island. White sands on prestene beaches, light breez caressing your body, messing with your hair, sun shining though the coconut trees. Imagine the heat that defrosts not only your bones, but also your heart, your mood and makes you feel things. Warm things. Pushing your blood to the southern hemisphere of your...

You cant always get what you want.
And somertimes not getting what you want is what you need. Why don't you just trust the proces?
Follow me, let's walk together through this wonderland that sometimes stinks like sulphur of your demons and sometimes of the glory of your victory.
I know it hurts sometimes. What hurts...