Beyond vanilla


I like to surprise, challenge, lovingly push and inspire people.

One of my vanilla girlfriend's always couldn't quite comprehend my lifestyle, or as some call it "a fairy tale lifestyle".

Yesterday she came over just to fine me on me in the shower, after breakfast served by my slave.

He was cleaning the house since early morning, doing his usual chores.

Later on, my other slave has arrived and then…. I decided, that it was a perfect day to stir things up.

I needed some things to be done in my Studio, which involved hammers and right hands. And my friend (lets call her Lady Charlotte) has never really seen the insides of it… so it was a good opportunity to show things of.

The guys ware busy with what they had to do, while Lady Charlotte was walking around with a big smile on her face, looking at beautiful fetish clothes, magnificent shoes, in all colours and sizes, dresses, that range from chique to slutty, from neat to ball room, she touched latex, leather and even spiky corsets.
I said: "why don't you try something on? I have your size". After hastitating a little, she put a very stylish, silky dress and 12 cm shiny, black stiletto sandals. She looked great as she paraded along the mirror. We needed to expose her to a new experience where she could immediately execute the new gained power. When you look good, you feel good, when you feel good, you look good, right?

As the salves ware busy upstairs, I ordered them to stay there. And to undress, and stay in their slave position until we come.

Lady Charlotte (she reminds me of Charlotte from "The Sex and the City" or Posh Spice Girl) was laughing and shining away at the same time, telling me she "wasn't going to do anything like this!" I knew, that closer than this to seeing if she's cut for anything that has to do with domination we'll never get, so "sees that whip" I decided. After all, whats the worse that can happen? Hahahaha, somone might get hurt? I certainly hoped so.
I promised to w alk her through this, secretly hoping that this experience, with two very well trained slaves would boost her confidence, or al least make her forget her daily grind.
What happend next… was a mixture of fun, pain, eye opening experience and most of all, happy discovery. And most definitely good for her personal boundaries.
She learned, it's not easy for her to hit someone. While with astonishment watching me to do that gladly, despite, screams of pain and moans of the slaves.

She gave up on the attempts of trying to understand why someone likes pain or wants to inflict pain, has so much devotion, love and skill, but simply saw us for who we are. She saw people enjoying and being in their element. She understood no one here is putting up a show (well, some of the screams I felt ware little overdramatic) but simply getting what they need, deserve and want, and that most certainly it is not judgement or resentment.

After a while, we received a wonderful foot massage from our slaves. They even exchanged tips and tricks to make it even better. For a moment there, we ware a test rabbits… eh… for the sake of improving their skills, we did it, so all you woman out there, including their wives will enjoy it one day hopefully. After all that was a learning experience...

After we've had enough (although I thought Lady Charlotte could sit on that chair forever), it was time to hit the town and have dinner. Can you imagine us, walking on the street, all dolled up, and our slaves in sandals, shorts and T-shirts clearly indicating their status? Of course they walked behind us.

Once in the restaurant, Lady Charlotte noticed that everyone is looking at us. I said: "Good for them. I have absolutely no problem with that. Two beautiful woman, with a gorgeous hat, red nails, heels, nice decollate, gorgeous dresses… would be strange, if people didn't look. "
We sat on the terrace, siping on our drinks, while weitresses ware washing the windows that decided the restaurant terras from the street. What an awful view and so upside down world from mine… My slaves sat there on their sore assed and nodded. Of course they would.

I ordered food for man and myself, lady Charlotte was enjoying the attention after she got used to all the stairs.

We talked, we ate, we drank, we had a wonderful evening. I was pleased. I only hope, that Lady Charlotte left with an unsitisfied desire for more of such delights. Time will tell. Until then she has something to chew on...something beyond vanilla.