Imagine NOW


Imagine being on a beautiful, tropcal island. White sands on prestene beaches, light breez caressing your body, messing with your hair, sun shining though the coconut trees. Imagine the heat that defrosts not only your bones, but also your heart, your mood and makes you feel things. Warm things. Pushing your blood to the southern hemisphere of your body. Inflating locations, causing sensestions.

Making you tranquilo, yet tinelizing you...

Thank god for the airco. One of the best inventons of humanity.

Waking up in the mornings feels so devine when you're looking out of the window though the white half open curtains and seeing the blue ocean.

" There is so much magnificence
Near the ocean
Waves are coming in
Waves are coming in..."

And so are the waves of your desire are coming when you're kissing genly. Awakening. Just simply kissing the face of recognition, the lips of happiness, the eyes of worhiness and gratitude. Slowing down, yes. Even slower, you letting the wave take you over. Letting go of any expectations and basking in the glow of lust, love, romance... whatever that is if you must give it a name. Flirtng with truth of the moment. Whenever the moment lasts or not. You have enough experience ... to know how and why to enjoy the NOW. The twink of the eyes, the glitter stuck to the skin, the perfume of the lotion, sun, lust.
And NOW is beautiful. NOW is a gentle carres, passionate kiss, warmth of the body, the burning and invetable desire to be. To be without inhibitions.
To fill in the spaces, evade and withdraw like eebs and flows.
To ravish once conquered coasts. Again and again just fot the joy of it.

How beautiful, how bizarre, how surreal, to surrender to the feeling. Nowhere elase to go. What a gift it is to be present in the moment.

"There is so much magnificence
Near the ocean
Waves are coming in
Waves are coming in"