My prerogative


My perogative

It is my perogative to do as I please with you
To give attention or deprive you of of it
To neglect and abandon or to give you bread crums of my table.
Make you dance like a circus bear after the cane treatment

It is my supremacy to be a step ahead of you
For you to have someone to look up to
To try to catch a glimps of my stocing when on your knees
Or my glance when you hold your head high

It is my talent to give you a lesson in perseverance
when you loose your mind over the grounds of my cruelty
Only to discover the deeper meaning and the compassion
In the sadistic, delicous perversion

It is my perogative to be voluptuous and fretile with aims
Flirtatios and degrading when I find that fit
In the weeknes I find strength, my precious
In the pain hides the gold of the alchemy

So when you are drown to me like a moth to the candle
Either you burn or fly ignited by the new perception
But never without the burse or pain
In the chasity of suffering and the joy of belonging