What do you think about sex workers? Time to sniff yourself.


How you precieve sex work says a lot about you. Understand, that your projections are there for a reason.

Sex is the deepest intimassy of the mankind that has been covered, missunderstood, missformed, cherished, played with, abused, rediculerd and supressed for centuries.
But it has always been there and will stay be as long as we shall live. In all coultures, open, or supressed. It comes along with power, privliges, perogatives, as reward or punishment.

Is sexworker always someone who is pushed to be one? Because he or she lacks other skills in life? Because she is unfortunate, because of the circumstances?

Do you feel sorry for her? Jealous of him for fucking all this woman?

Would you even consider, that sex worker is someone who works on your deepest drsires, shadows, urges and and premodial self? Someone who reflects you? Someone who holds a space in her temple for your animal?
She can see and aknowedge your animal. Anger, lust, passion. More than your dear wife and mother of your kids. You can be honest with her.

Yes. Very few can do that. And yes, very few can see that.

Are you the one who sees and maybe seeks outlet for your sexual energy as a key to enlighment, god, connection or unified field?

Are you the one who seflovingly satisfies the itch on the scar of a deeper wound? With a quick fix like plaster? Sometimes? Or always?

Are you the one being unfaitful to your clean beliefs with a sex worker?

What do you suppress? What do you desire? Whom do you judge? Whom do you condemn? Who do you categorise into the lowest cast to satisfy your need for validation of your healthy morals? You know better, dont you? Your light cannot be bright without the darness. Only in very existence of it is the confirmaton of darkness and absloute truth, that one does not exist without other.
Not in you. Not in your family, tribe, the enite world and the fucking universe.

So work on your sex. Work on your fantasies, because friend, they will chace you and hount you and be there when you hold that cock in your hand of fuck your woman. And if you work on them, they will transform you, transcendent you and show you the beauty of being your true self.

Sex workers are the outlet valve of the society. And so are the good sex workers who invite you into their phisical temple to perform art, miracless on your tired, tomrented body and soul. So think of them with respect. The ones who value their work, you go and value them. Accordingly. Or even more. For they keep you sane, polish you, decompress you, make you shine brighter. Honour them. Be grateful. Understand. Because they do, when you indulge. They hold your space. Some of them are the most experienced, empathic and well educated individuals that choose to do do the job with grace, pleasure, sense of direction and ones that take great pleasure in making you see.

So for satisfying your itch, you skip me preferably. If you want to indulge in sticky, dark, powerful, insigtfull weird shit, pain, desire and magical experience of your soul through your body let me know.

Yours truly,

Fem Dom, Mistress, Pristress, Miss Mercy