SM Meesteres in Amersfoort

I am Miss Mercy. A woman of many flavours and names. I chose to write this section in English as Dutch is not my mother tongue. I am wandering on the Tantra path for many years now. My journey has started with the touch of Reiki, The New Tantra and then the BDSM came along and we walk hand in hand. On my spiritual journey I have met many gurus, teachers and many mirrors. The journey is beautiful and the destination is unknown.

I am a mother, an ex-wife, a girlfriend, a lover, a doll, a dominatrix, a dirty little slut, a shy schoolgirl, a traveller, a companion, a dragon, a bitch, a warm, loving and sensual embrace, a sadist, a hypocrite, a FemDom, a lady, a princess, a daughter of my father, Kali, a divine slut. I am a WO(W!)MAN and enjoying the abundance of everything this crazy ride called life has to give every day.